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Wordboner proudly presents a new collection based on the “Learn The Difference #1” wordbonerism.

  • 100% PG-13: no “wordboner” sign anywhere
  • the highest quality print possible: guaranteed to outlast the material itself
  • the best brands: American Apparel, Bella, IVEE, and more
  • sparkling and metallic lettering
  • original + affordable + fashionable
  • New articles added, including hoodies, tees with sparkly letters and glitter! Want more? Request them on Twitter.

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Instincts Aren’t Desires TeeBoner to get at The Wordboner Store. We have 48 items in the collection, shimmers, metallics, hoodies, kids apparel, and more. Shop till you drop!

New arrivals in The Wordboner Store: Fix It, Care If You Dare and Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin collections. There are much more to choose from, so click and shop. These collections are also PG-13, so there’s no “wordboner” sign anywhere…which we’re sure your mom will appreciate. There are also many color choices and variations. If you like, you can MakeYourOwnWordboner, too. Njoi!

I Vent Religiously tee only wordboner! A brand new line of 46 items. All top notch quality printing, multiple colors and size to choose from, safe to wear -still no “wordboner” sign anywhere just as you asked- fancy sparkles and shimmer for the ladies, and cheaper prices for everyone! Look around, maybe you’ll find something you like. I’m getting one for sure, as I do vent religiously.

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