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Made it! Thanks all of you who had any impact on making this...
Jun 30th
From now on, visit wordboner facebook page at...
Jun 29th
Care If You Dare (get this on tees & check out the...
Jun 29th
While waiting for the new wordbonerisms,...
Jun 28th
Today on Tumblr #3
Jun 26th
Today on Tumblr #2 (via)
Jun 25th


Bug this guy about having one of the wordbonerisms on DeviantArt as a Daily Deviation! (it’s...
Jun 25th

Thank you, 9000 followers! Thanks each...

Jun 25th
Inner Beauty Can’t Shine Through Make-up (click for...
Jun 24th
…and the prize for the most loyal tumblrist goes...
Jun 23rd
Life Is Nothing Like A Movie (click for tees). Want this on...
Jun 23rd
Wordboner is going famous worldwide! Wordbonerisms are now...
Jun 23rd
I’m Normal (click for tees)
Jun 23rd
If You’re Already in Heaven, Where Do You Go After...
Jun 22nd
Be Poisoned (available, como siempre, on tees!). Also...
Jun 21st
Everything Is A Sin (available on tees: and the summer...
Jun 20th
Classik Wordboners: None Of My Talents Can Be Put In A...
Jun 18th
Love Is Rare (tees available in Wordboner Store)
Jun 17th
Fear Everything, You’re Just A Human (tees available)
Jun 15th
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Jun 14th
Learn The Difference #3 (Tees available! Click on the...
Jun 14th
Everything You Have Today May Be Somebody Else’s...
Jun 13th
What Kind Of Boy/Girl Wants To Be A Fool (tees available,...
Jun 13th
Regina Pahalnge Knows Better (in response to Anastacia...
Jun 13th
Everytime You Kill A Kitten, God Masturbates (available on...
Jun 10th
Classic Wordboners, Love Tried To Welcome Fuck Me Over; have...
Jun 10th
Classic Wordboner additions: “In General, People Are...
Jun 9th
A fan of Kathy Griffin?
Jun 9th

So today is the day when the 8,000th...

Thank you.
Jun 8th
Today on Tumblr
Jun 8th
Nothing Is Worth Everything (tees available in Wordboner...
Jun 6th
Where You See Words I See Playgrounds
Jun 6th
Carefree tee design, inspired by Many Moons by Janelle...
Jun 5th
Cum Dumpster tee design: only for the brave ones. Which I...
Jun 5th
Hey guess what? Wordboner has over 500 fans...
Jun 5th
You Are The Breast
Jun 4th
Trust Is Overrated (available on tees as well in...
Jun 3rd
死t Happens (available on tees) (死, read “shi”...
Jun 3rd
Klassik wordboners available at The Wordboner Store and...
Jun 3rd
Saddest Truths Hurt The Most (available on tees)
Jun 2nd
You Know You Are In Hell
Jun 2nd