Wordboner = typography with personality. Created by Peter Kay.
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Actual announcement #1

“300”, 2009

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I heart your stuff too, Jenn.

Yay! Thanks guys. In less than 2 weeks, made my day, really. Thanks and spread the boners! I mean, love.

Yauza! Thx peeps. You’re awesome. Next stop: 2,000. It makes me think of the humble beginnings…two weeks ago.

Well don’t let me stop you girl.

Damn kids I missed it. Was at the casino and when I came back, boom, 2,011! (Posted not too show off, but to show my true gratefullness.) Thank you guys so much! I love each and every one of you. Keep following, there are more wordboners in your future.

Announcements #13 (who said 13 is not a lucky number?)