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What city do you live in & do you like it there?

I live in Krakow, Poland, and yeah, I do like it a lot. It’s the best city in Poland, hands down. Very cute and charming.

Do you believe in the tooth fairy?

Having never lost a single tooth, I’d say I don’t.

are you cut or uncut?

Uncut. Why?

What are your new years resolutions?

You see, I don’t really believe in that crap. If you have to wait a whole year to make a decision and stick to it, chances are you won’t either way.

Chicago or New York? Why? also what style of jeans do you wear? (e.g. skinny, straight, boot)

NYC and boot or straight.

lady gaga or madonna.

I asked the same question on some time ago and I still can’t decide. I see Lady GaGa as this generation’s Madonna, personally.

Hot chocolate - with marshmallows orrr whipped cream?

You make it sound like it can’t be both.

I’m 14, well 15 in 2 days. I honestly LOVE wordboner. I think you come up of the most clever things. Anyways, Peter, Here’s my question… How are you today? (:

I honestly love it too. And I’m pretty dandy, how are you doing?

wait, you’re really gay? YES.

You sound surpised.

Dude, I’m DTF. <3

See I’m so lame I had to google that. And it’s good for you. Who isn’t?

howd you know you were gay?

When penises made me excited, that was my first clues, right there.

do you have someone special already?

Yes. But he’s far away.

Are you good-looking?

You be the judge:

Are you hiring? Can I work for you? Do you put “Word Boner” on your resume?

Dude, that’s not even in my resume. I can hire you to be my bitch and make me coffee everyday, though.

What’s your preferred music genre?

Electronic rock.

Are you a dog?

Last time I checked, I was a human, but I should probably check again.

Zooey Deschanel or Lily Allen?

Seriously? Lily.

I just saw your pics. Man, you´re cute! -A guy from Venezuela

Thanks, guy from Venezuela.

Gay pride <heart>.

Hell yeah.

Donuts with melted cheese?

I won’t say no.

I wanna ask, if you really are happy, with everything you realised in your life. I mean what you are doing is wonderful - but is it so for you too? :)

I can’t complain. But I’m a perfectionist, so there’s always something that can be done better for me.

Could you please make me a ‘cheer the fuck up’ kinda T-shirt? My girlfriend left me

Could it be ‘Cherry the fuck up’? Because I’ve had ‘Cherry me up’ written down in my ideas file for some time.

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