Since we know it’s Christmas around the corner, and it’s oh-so-bad to swear on Christmas, we prepared a special category. No bad words are allowed in there, and that includes our logo! Now you can get away with wearing a teeboner to school/work. We’ve chosen more than 50 most popular wordbonerisms, deleted every swear word, and placed them on a tee! Click to see for yourselves - or click the pic. Or just chose the SFW category from the drop-down at The Wordboner Store menu like shown on the pic. The same designs are also available in MakeYourOwnWordbonerStore, so if you don’t see something you like, you can always create it yourself.

Geez, that’s a long post! Anyways, we hope you’ll enjoy this innovation as much as we enjoyed making it (it was a pain in the butt).

A new wordbonerism will be available tomorrow! Cheerios!