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How about a walk down the memory lane aka the mighty archive?

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  2. socialsinner answered: Sure!
  3. ashleynotash answered: yes? i think this is rhetorical… lmfao
  4. vetuv answered: yes. lately youve lost it so i look forward to the OG word boners.
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  6. spencerbee answered: alright
  7. weirdeetz answered: let me ask my google first…
  8. dandyfancy answered: yesplz
  9. ninth answered: hmmm, nope
  10. northofcanal answered: no, thanks.
  11. ticklr answered: ticklr.tumblr.com/archi…
  12. loveliftedme answered: Yes please! My favorite wordboner is “When you take your clothes off”. I learned about another wonderful artist and those words are too true.
  13. toomanyjumpers answered: YESH
  14. chopa answered: no thanks
  15. lolaiscalling answered: Lovely!
  16. mellx93 answered: no, the archive layout sucks
  17. justincornwall answered: DONE.
  18. jeffisawesome answered: sure, why not?
  19. mayawithfiyaah answered: :D
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