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Random Formboners

Random being the key word.

What degree in University did you take?

I majored in American Studies.

Are you going to make some Teeboners on a different style of tank top any time soon?

That’s not up to me, it’s up to Spreadshirt. I only make the designs, they are the ones that supply the actual tees to put the design on. But, we have more than just one fit of a tee. You can go to makeyourownwordboner.com, where you can put any design in the store on pretty much any piece of clothing that Spreadshirt has in store.

How do you define art?

I wouldn’t even know how to begin. But if I absolutely had to, I’d say, if something makes you think, or makes you uncomfortable, or both, it might be art.

hey, i’m from poland and i’m not sure you speak polish so i try to make IT as english as it possible: sOO i love your t-shirts and you really impress me.seriously, i’m thinking about doing something like that in the future.goodluck and keepupthegoodwork:)

Yeah, I do speak Polish, I’m not sure if all the other who read this do, so thanks for using English. I love that you love the teeboners! Did you buy any? Because you’re not allowed to say you love them until you buy them! wordbonerstore.eu.

Also, good luck with your future art!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Booze and laughter.

Should I save up for a PSP or a vacation?


So you sell it only online? :D

Only. Wordbonerstore.com!

Sex on the beach?

I prefer gin with sprite.

Do you think Zachary Quinto is gay?

It’s nobody’s business but his own if he is.

whats your facebook?

Check out mynameispeter.info for links.

Just got my WordBoner shirt in the mail yesterday! I love it :)

Thank you! Now go buy some more.

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Love is an illusion (check it out on a tee | make your own tee | get this on a print)


Can I add you on FB? Or is that creepy? If so, forget I asked =]

By all means, add away.

Books or Movies?

Slightly turning towards movies, although I love books, too. Remember books?

Top 5 favorite songs?

Lastfm knows better.

So I got Tumblr, but I have no idea what to write about. Suggestions? Oh and I am so n00b at it, how do I make it look good/pro/cute/stylish/whatever?

How about you make it your own. And the rest will follow. Literally.

Ever been super depressed? How did you fix it?

Sit, wait, and don’t make any important decisions. It will pass, but the repercussions of those decisions may not.

Can’t stop failing in love with you practically broke my heart, it hit way too close to home. And it made me realize something; if I consider writing an art, then this has to be one too. So, thank you, my newly favorite artist.

Apparently you’re not an artist until another artist says you are.

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Take Risks Or Die teeboner. Because if you don’t, you’re not really living, are you?

Get it / also available in European store / alternatively you can make your own tee using this design if you’re feeling creative today.

Originality collection

Perhaps nothing is original, but you can get as close to originality as possible, with this tee. Big, bold and simple typeface. The only teeboner ever to come in preconfigured 23 color variations to suit every taste. High quality unisex tee. Durable printing technique to last generations. White tees by default, other colors available. Only $17 each. Get it before it gets unoriginal.


do you make teeboners for a living? or do you do other stuff on the side? also, does it pay well? because i’ve always wanted to do t-shirt design!

At this moment, no, teeboners are my only thing. Contrary to popular belief, it takes some time to maintain a website, a store, a twitter account, and all that jazz. I don’t think I’d have the time to do all that and have a ‘normal’ job.
So, buy the teeboners, because if you won’t, I’m going to have to find a job, and abandon wordboner!
I’m serious.

jeez your penis must be huge cos the wordboners are amazing. Can you read my poem? Foreverland.tumblr.com and as you so amazingly said, I <4 you.

Because Lord knows you can’t create anything without a huge dong?

want to know what I know you want to know why I know you know what you want to know?

Oh I know.

you’re adorable! (online anyway), do you get laid a lot?

Because adorable guys get laid a lot? Hm, come to think of it, maybe they do.
I don’t.

Do you have twitter?

Yes. Two.
and don’t forget wordboner’s official twitter: