Can I add you on FB? Or is that creepy? If so, forget I asked =]

By all means, add away.

Books or Movies?

Slightly turning towards movies, although I love books, too. Remember books?

Top 5 favorite songs?

Lastfm knows better.

So I got Tumblr, but I have no idea what to write about. Suggestions? Oh and I am so n00b at it, how do I make it look good/pro/cute/stylish/whatever?

How about you make it your own. And the rest will follow. Literally.

Ever been super depressed? How did you fix it?

Sit, wait, and don’t make any important decisions. It will pass, but the repercussions of those decisions may not.

Can’t stop failing in love with you practically broke my heart, it hit way too close to home. And it made me realize something; if I consider writing an art, then this has to be one too. So, thank you, my newly favorite artist.

Apparently you’re not an artist until another artist says you are.

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