A New Year is coming...and we're starting it off with a bang!

It’s a symbol of new beginnings, symbol of new chances and clean slates. That’s why we decided that there would be no better day than January 1st 2010 to make a symbolic gesture to start the year off on a positive and hopeful note.

So here’s the scoop. Inspired by Give Brian Equality Group (because friends don’t let friends be second-class citizens), we decided to donate all personal earnings from teeboners sold on the first day of the year to The Right Side of History campaign, which fights for equal rights of all LGBT people. That’s right. We’ll have you know that Wordboner is not only f-bombs and gradient backgrounds; we care and want to help. We’ve all waited long enough, and it’s time to take a stand and make a change. We’re shocked that in XXI century some people are still treated with far less dignity. So it’s not about gay rights anymore: it’s about human decency.

When you get up on Jan 1st, hungover, disoriented and sore, go to wordbonerstore.com and buy at least one teeboner. That way, by later wearing it, you’ll be sure that you’ve made a change, stood behind your beliefs and helped fight the indiscrimination and injustice, for real. You have a chance to really wear your wordbonerisms on your chest with pride. The more you buy, the more your donate.

So if you’ve intended to get a teeboner before, now it’s the perfect time to get it. It doesn’t matter which one you’ll get, and how much you’ll buy. We will forward all profits earned from teeboners bought on that day, US central time, even those bought a couple of minutes after or before the deadline, yeah, we’ll throw those in too. No matter how much it will be: twenty bucks or five hundred. All goes.

Now don’t heart this! Please REBLOG, tweet about it and facebook it. We want as much people as possible to get involved. Tell your friends, mark your calendars and get your credit cards ready. No excuses!

Remember: one day, Friday, January the 1st 2010!