Do you prefer Peter or Piotr ?

Peter. Thank you for asking.

michigan or ohio state?

Never been to either of them, so you decide.

You totally answered a question I asked the other day and thanks so much it really helped me out. I did come out to some close friends about my lesbianism. Thanks so much! PS totally dig the sarcasm in most of your responses to peoples questions.

You’re welcome. And sarcasm is my middle name.

Am i fat?

Probably not, but try one of them gizmos called scales. They know better than I.

you should tell people to follow!

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what is the font that you use on most of the designs? is it trade gothic? from a fellow graphic designer, your tees are the bomb!

Thank you, Fellow Designer. Now go and buy a lot of them teeboners. To answer your question: no, I’ve enever used Trade in my life. I use a lot of Bebas recently, also good old Helvetica and Alte Haas.

Do you like stand up comedy?

I absolutely love Kathy Griffin. I heard that she likes teeboners. If you love her too, check out

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