Are you gay?

Yes. Both happy and homosexual.

what do you do when you want to move on from someone & try talking to someone else,because the other persons moved on from you.But their still in your dreams and make your heart skip a beat;How do you move on from love ?

You don’t. It’s love that moves on from you.

Alone in the bath?

The more, the merrier. Two is optimal.

Why do grownups have hair in their noses?

For good luck?

Will you marry me?


How’s your cousin doing?

Which one? I have like ten.

Peter isn’t a boring name. I think it’s sexy, like Peter Parker.

Best thing I have heard all weekend, hands down.

favorite food?

Anything with melted cheese. And butter. And meat.

Haha, you make me laugh. So, have you gone ice skating before? I’m going today and I’ve never done it before.

Yes. It’s fun. But then again, so is staying in and drinking spiced wine. Which is what I’m going for today.


‘Ridiculously’. Also ‘tits’, ‘uranus’ and ‘fuck’.

what is your outlook on life?

Pretty much this. It has tons of notes so be patient.

What are some of your favorite bands and what have you been listening to recently? Any new bands you’ve been digging?

It changes all the time. The Bravery, Dragonette, The Music are on the repeat lately. More here.

do you like to DO IT yourself?

Love it.

whats your nationality?

Born and raised in Poland.

how old are you?


Are YOUU a Pokemon Master?! :D

Yes, and I will poke you.

post a picture of your face!

Try looking for it here. Or just skip right to here, if you’re too lazy to look it up.

Is it bad to be jealous of someone you hate?

Bad - no. Stupid - hell yeah.

Ke$ha or Katy Perry?

Katy. Seriously?

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