Random formboners!

‘Random’ being the key word. Here we go:

what is love?

This should answer this question in the best way possible.

when a boy is different around you than anyone else, like they get more outgoing if they’re shy, does it mean they like you? when a boy’s words get like messed up/jumbled (like they say something and then “idk whatever”) does it mean they’re embarrassed around you/like you? when a boy jokes around with you and pranks you does it mean he likes you? when a boy stays around a place where like you are when they don’t need to does it mean they like you? when a boy fixes their hair and stuff, does it mean they like you? when a boy tells you stuff they don’t tell anyone else, does it mean they like you? when a boy agrees with you, does it mean they like you? when a boy is sometimes shy, does it mean they like you? when a boy interrupts or eavesdrops, does it mean they like you?

Maybe, not necessarily, probably not, maybe he’s just a stalker, no, probably, not at all - he just wants to get you into bed, no, and no.

Free hugs! :D

YAAAAAAAAAAY. Everything that’s free is OK with me.

Thanks for ruining my fantasies about the mysterious person under the name Wordboner. Sorry, but Peter falls short. How did you come up with Wordboner, anywho? and How did you came up with “wordboner” as your name?

It was God’s gift to me. Sometimes things just happen naturally, with no effort whatsoever. And I’m sorry that my name is boring.

I’ve narrowed the meaning of life to three choices: Google, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Denise Milani’s tits. What do you think?

I have to agree on the donuts, but I’m really disturbed that you think Google is meaning of life. And I think Milani’s tits are nothing exceptional - they wouldn’t make me switch the team.

Why are you so awesome?


What is the meaning of all this?

Define ‘all this’ and ask again.

how do girls no that a close guy friend likes her?

Ask them. Like you know, open your mouth and make sounds. Should do the trick.


I feel the same way.

If you could, would you like to live in the 100 Acre Wood?

If you mean like a huge forest, then God, no. Well, maybe, if there are donuts in the deal.

Do you love me?


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