8 random formboners...

I wanna date a white girl.
What’s stopping you? Go for it.

why do i feel a funny burning sensation in my pants?
Stop putting hot iron down in your pants.

isnt life a cliche?
That’s too philosophical even for me.

wHERE do YOU GET your ideas? i LOVE every single one of them! n_n
Thank you. I just think too much.

Thanks but no thanks. Next!

Why did the chicken cross the road?
I’m guessing there was a lot of teeboners on the other side. Teeboners are worth crossing the road.

would you like to make mi a sandwich
As soon as you learn basic spelling, I’ll do it.

my roommates suck. can you make a t-shirt to express that? :)
Sure. You mean like a passive-aggressive, ‘you suck you fucking suck’ type of t-shirt? I’m on it.

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