Sep 23

Try Faggotry (get it on a tee | make your own | get it on a print)

The 101mg network!

With so many changes recently, we thought we could give you a rundown of what’s going on, and throw some links in your pretty faces:

101mg - the man behind it all,

fuckyeahkathyg - fuckyeah tumblog dedicated to one of the funniest ladies in the world: Kathy Griffin,

fuckyeahsubs - dedicated to all those lines you never want to forget,

fashioin - the newest addition (we do have a lot of time on our hands) where the fashion is in: the latest trends, high fashion, the hottest designers, models, runways, all that jazz.

All the links are now on thr left panel on wordboner.com.

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See you later!

Apparently You Cunt Keep On Doing To Me teeboner has been withdrew from the Wordboner Store for being too obscene. So, for this time being, this design won’t be available on a tee until we figure out which online store isn’t so conservative. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sep 22

There’s Always More Money To Make and More Shit To Bitch About (get it on a tee | make one yourself | get it on a postcard)

Sep 21


You Cunt Keep On Doing This To Me (get it on a tee)

Sep 20


A new project. I assume you’re into words, so you should follow. Or not. You decide.

It’s Good To Have A Point Of View (get it on a tee | make one yourself)

Sep 19

I Love You Asshole (get it on a tee)

Sep 18

We’re A Lie (get it on a tee)