Sep 29

A new contact form! -

To make the process more convenient for you, we prepared a form that will enable you to contact us more easily. It’s gonna be swift & easy now! The link will also be available in the panel on the left on the website. PS. If you want your opinion answered, please provide with a contact info as the form is anonymous.

Sep 28

A Hole Is A Hole (Equality Statement) (get it on a tee | make one yourself)

Sep 27

You’re Full Of Shit (get this on a tee | make your own)

In case you forgot: 'Get rid of tumblarity' petition.

Sep 26

More Sin! (get it on a tee | make one yourself)

Sep 25

You Cunt teeboner is now available at MySoti (as it was deleted from SpreadShirt). If you want it, better hurry, before this one gets withdrawn as well! Click on the picture or here. Available in 4 colors and 4 sizes for both boys and gals.

The Idea Of Perfection Is So Imperfect (get this on a tee | make your own | get it on a print)

Sep 24

Every Little Love Matters (get this on a tee -starting at $14- because love belongs on your chest | make your own)

So early this morning we got a word from a fan that wordboner is in Urban Dictionary, and it is! Pretty amazing. Click on the picture to check it out or click here.

Sep 23